WR-100 Motorized windproof roller blinds
WR-100 Motorized windproof roller blinds
WR-100 Motorized windproof roller blinds

WR-100 Motorized windproof roller blinds

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Electric windproof roller blinds


1. Using movable fabric guiding device, effectively reducing the friction and friction noise of the fabric, while ensuring that the zipper enters the zipper guide vertically.

2. 100x100 classic shape design.

3. in-line screw-free side rail system, easy to install and adapt to a wide range.

4. integrated rubber covered zipper guide, easy and reliable application,.

5. 63 and 55 tubes are available for a variety of widths of windproof roller blinds, generally less than 4m in maximum width and less than 3.5m in height.

6. the electronic limiting large torque motor (optional multiple motor system) of the accessory system of the rebound when blocked.


WR100 windproof roller shutter


Active fabric guiding mechanism, low noise and durable

Office buildings, hotels, etc. need small amplitude windproof roll environment use

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