B120-180 Double Shroud Roller Shutter System

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1.This system is a double-layered roll-up hood system; it is divided into a full hood and a half hood system.Can be used in combination or separately, or without hoods for easy use.

2.This system is universal with a middle support installation code 3.This system uses a bead pulley and a bead pull guide strip to greatly reduce bead pull collisions in the guard system.The noise of placing

two beads on the same side at the same time also avoids mutual

interference of the beads, which is a highlight of the tem.

4.The system uses the K55/K60 series fixed head head assembly and the

springback two-stage or three-stage system tail component.

5.The pull beads of this system are placed aside to facilitate the operation

of the day and night curtains, which is a highlight of the double roller shutter system; it is divided into left and right systems;

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