K-100 cassette Series
K-100 cassette Series

K-100 cassette Series

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Construction Feature:

1.Through a small link parts of a fixed square cassette , ordinary roller System and cassette roller system has a highly unified function.

2.Installation : wall and ceiling 

3.Set Chain installation hole on the sprocket 

4.With innovation Planet gear system Rear mounted , mostly strengthen Iocking effect 

5.Seamless 一 suited end covers

6.High 一 quality engineering plastics , Metal core brake technique

7.Luxury and classic , varies colors can be chosen , satisfy the various demands

8.Big sprocket and Rear mounted planet gear deceleration system , composing 1:1.75 deceleration system , more Iabor 一 saving

Construction Features:

1. Use PA66+GF, POM, PCABS, high-qualityengineering material

2. with metal bearing

3. with metal core

4, with metal spring seat

5. High quality piano wire springs.6 Square shape cassette can be chosen.

Performance features:

1. Deceleration ratio 1: 1.75, labor saving 50%

2. Max load 10KG, Max width m, Max height4m


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